Community Room Request Procedure

To make a reservation, please do the following:

1.) Call 317-335-1405 or 317-335-1401 to make a reservation and for fee information between the hours of 8a-5p M-F.

2.) Please have the following information available when making the call for reservation.

Date and hours for event
Name, Address and Telephone of the person making the request
E-mail address of person making request.
If you have questions, please call 317-335-1405 or 317-335-1401 for additional information.

Buck Creek Township Fire Department News

Good morning ☀️ As Mt. Vernon and Greenfield schools head back today, we ask that you use extra caution ⚠️ in school zones and around buses. We hope everyone has a great first day! ...
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EMT course. ...
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A 4th of July 🇺🇸 Sonnet Fireworks are pretty cool,Keep them away from kids, that’s the rule. To some they are scary,Put it in reverse Terry!Sunscreen and water are a big deal,We hope you enjoy your cookout meal. We’re ready & waiting if you want to put our skills to test. Whatever the story we’ll help with your mess. (Remember I’m a firefighter not a poet😂)Stay safe, have a great day! ...
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Happy Father’s Day to the amazing dad’s we’re blessed to work with. We hope you enjoy your day. ...
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Get your entries in!We’d love to see you for a round of golf ⛳️! ...
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Hot summer weather has arrived!!!! Please remember to keep loved ones in sight when around any body of water or swimming pool. Drowning is silent and deadly. ...
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