Community Room Request Procedure

To make a reservation, please do the following:

1.) Call 317-335-1405 or 317-335-1401 to make a reservation and for fee information between the hours of 8a-5p M-F.

2.) Please have the following information available when making the call for reservation.

Date and hours for event
Name, Address and Telephone of the person making the request
E-mail address of person making request.
If you have questions, please call 317-335-1405 or 317-335-1401 for additional information.

Buck Creek Township Fire Department News

A photo from a couple of days ago of 2 of our ambulances outside of Calhoun Liberty Hospital in Florida. Our crews we're assisting with transfers as needed. ...

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Some of our crews are doing fill in 911 at local fire departments down in FL today. ...

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We've been activated for hurricane Michael. We have crews that left late last night headed for GA and more crews leaving this morning headed for FL. ...

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Need trash bags? Want to support your local firefighters? Buck Creek Township Firefighters sell boxes of 33 gallon trash bags for $25 a box. Stop by station 71 or station 72 to meet the crews and pick up a box! ...

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3 weeks ago

Buck Creek Township Fire Department

A-Shift had an early morning fire this morning. The structure was fully involved upon arrival. Thank you to Sugar Creek and Greenfield for sending their tankers to help us out. ...

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Our crews have been demobilized and are heading back home. We are looking forward to having them arrive home late tonight/early in the morning. ...

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